Monday, 2 March 2015

Blog Spring Cleaning

This blog has almost hit the one year mark. Almost. I am stretching the dates a little but I've found a stride in writing other things of late that has led to this blog being updated much less so. That said, I've got a solution which just means this blog will be a little more specific and focused from now on, with quick, short and at the minimum, weekly posts. Posts which will cover the people, places, things or events which I am experiencing on my travels as a way to give insights and ideas to all of you who are intending on visiting where I've been, already live here and haven't tried those things out or are just interested in learning more about the world beyond your bedroom.

I have travelled to the following countries so far:

In those few countries, I have thus far travelled to at least one (or hundreds) of different cities, towns and villages. In all those cities, towns and villages there are so many sights to see, people to watch and things to do. As a photographer I have not only collected these experiences in my memory but I have them captured as images and so, as that is my other passion each post will take one or a series of images and I'll give you some first hand advice, tips and opinions about whatever it is I have frozen in time. I hope you enjoy the new bend to my blog and follow along with a greater fervour than before. I too hope to write with a greater focus.

 Experiencing always, Moony.

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  1. Wonderful idea Moony. No matter where your blog travels, I will be there with you. Hey, and don't forget to mention that you have experienced a bit of Canada as well...from Drumheller where the Dinosaurs once roamed in herds, to Calgary where the Stampede is famous, all the way to the West coast, when you and your brothers flitted your toes in the waters at Long Beach, near Tofino. And just think, you have only started to travel and see the world. Where are we going next?