Friday, 6 February 2015

An Invaluable Find

In a continuation of some fabulous connections I have been making as of late I stumbled into the smorgasbord of character and quirk that comes with the auctioning world. All the glorious history and style in one convient location for any fashionista or innovative creator. It led to what has been an very enjoyable opportunity to play with the fashion statement that is one of my favourite pieces of jewelry. Watches.

Regular readers may know that I'm very fond of steampunk and though rather stereotyped now, watches, clocks, timepieces in general are the pinnacle of steampunk style. As such, I believe no outfit it truly complete until decorated with a stylish watch.

That said, it was quite a task to go through the pages upon pages Invaluable has, of women's watches alone. Nonetheless, I found one, picked for it's understated, yet elegant style which lends itself beautifully to all occasions, seasons and colours.

Here's to cool casual travellers and elegant evening events with this lovely ladies' Gucci watch.

Cool Casual Traveller

A Traveller's Night Out

Enjoy and remember, my explorers of the universe, no great adventure is complete without a time piece. 


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