Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Be Destiny

Long ago I lived. Deep in the heart of the belly button of the world.

It revolved around me and I, around it.

I made cities fall under seas and told Zeus where to strike. They called me a prophet even but truly, I was an imaginist. I saw starlight in sand and the heavens in a bloody heart.

When you live here, you are on top of the world. You are destiny. You are fate. You are fortune. As far as the sea scape goes. Forever and ever, never actually dropping off a cataclysmic cliff. The world simply goes rounf and round and I am its voice.

Come, I entreat you. Stand here. First, look up. Then, look down.  Last, look all around. What do you see? What is the world to you?

There to take. There to appreciate. There to make. There to forsake?

I am no prophet. I am an imaginist. You tell me. What will you do?

Go now. Stop staring, wishing, wondering and asking. Go. Make your own destiny.

Believe what you want.


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