Wednesday, 4 March 2015

New Content: Drabbles

In addition to becoming a blog more focused on places I've visited and my experiences in them in terms of people, places and things; or in other words, more of a travel blog, I am also a writer and a photographer.

Travelling teaches you many things and I want to share with you all the things I am always learning from travelling, have learned and wonder about learning through a style of writing known as a drabble.

For those unfamiliar with the writing world, a drabble is a self-contained moment in time, which can either be present or reflecting on the past.

I love the drabble format, particularly in terms of travelling because it forces you to see, feel and most of all, be in a single moment.

In a world that rushes about non-stop, being in a single moment, cherishing it, is as often hard to come by or as hard to do as the splits.

On a final note, sometimes my drabbles will pull an image from a previous post and have to do with the things I learned in that place, other times the drabbles might have an image from a completely unrelated area, but at the present moment I might have had cause to reflect back on that experience.

Either way, don't forget to pause in your day. At least once. Look at the sky. Look at the ground. Look all around.


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