Saturday, 5 April 2014

Try Again Try: The Musical

From the Director of "Once Again Today!" and "Why Me?" comes a celebrated classic.

A tale of tremulous trouble, dreams upon stars and a heroine who cannot help but push even the doors labeled "Pull." Follow along in the adventures of Moony as she works toward her dreams of becoming a pianist worthy of her family.

Will Moony get through her final performance without a hitch before the evil genius, Pressurizer, strikes again!?

Coming to a theatre near you, August 12th, 2014.

Keep on Trying!

(Also) Keep Stair Climbing. It's good for your health.


Aright. Enough of that. Though sometimes I do wonder if my life is actually some deranged directors film in some alternate universe. It certainly feels like it more often than not which is why I am here, blabbing. Again.

In actuality I am here to blab about a single word: Try.

Taught to children as a valuable life lesson. Never give up. Never give in. Keep on trying. Try again. Eventually you'll succeed.

All well and good. Sure. Or at least that is how it appears.

Perhaps it is time we stop saying try and start saying: Be. Just be.
Thinking things through and practice, practice, practice are so pushed in society, I for one, at least, am to sort who pushes doors, always, never realizing they actually say pull.

This is also known as: making life more difficult than it actually is because I am so caught up in trying (there's that word again) to succeed.

What is success? What is happiness?

Is it just being in flow. (Another words which is becoming a bit of a buzz. Even Deepack Chopra and Oprah have jumped onto the wagon. Their latest 21 Day Meditation is all about "Finding Your Flow."

Then again, maybe that is exactly what we all need? Learning to live in flow. Learning to just be. Instead of getting so caught up in "trying" to succeed. Or "trying" to be happy. Generations upon generations have written and spoke billions of words over what is means to succeed or to be happy. What they are defined as. Maybe. Maybe all we need is to live in flow.

Either way, today happens to be one of my good days so who knows if that is the answer.

Either way: Just be.

(Which is also about the most infuriating, simply complex phrases in the English language).

Just bee. A pun. With my most stereotypical photo.


In other worlds, this blog is going to attempt to fly in the direction of how to live a life of greater imagination. How to be an Imaginist. Apologies to anyone who has actually followed my last few posts and I bow to you for sticking around for those rambles as I located my footing in terms of what I actually want to bring to this corner of the internet.

The Creativi Tree.
A place where you only have to be.
Coming to theatres April. 7th, 2014.

Stumbling about with more grace than usual.

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