Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Be Your Own Airdot

I may, or may not, have alluded in past posts to my current problem of a reinjured wrist. Specifically, it's just a very nasty tendonitis. However regardless of what medical persons like to label it, the entire problem was exacerbated by yours truly deciding I was the Supreme Commander of My Life and therefore nothing was going to hinder me from doing what I wanted too. Unfortunately this is where the stubborn cat realizes it is impossible to land on your feet when visiting the moon due to a gravitation difference that causes more spins than up-down landings. (Think metaphor rather than your stuffy reality here please, if that confused you).

Thus armed with Advil and ice, I spent about three weeks avoiding as much as you possibly can when your dominant hand is the injured one. However, three weeks of that, and feeling rather positive because the thing wasn't throbbing even when dangling off my shoulder, unused, I decided to pick up writing again. All good, so long as I iced after. Then, I decided I had to get some music theory practice done because I have a lesson with my teacher coming up (after the weeks known as Spring Break around here) and the exam in a month. Add three hours of that to two hours of writing. The total comes to: No so good. Even after ice.

So in times like this I resort to happy things. Things that make me laugh. Things that even despite the laughs, I throughly sympathize with the characters involved in making me loose my breath. *dramatic music*

Cabin Pressure.

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Okay, fine. So it's one thing. I was just trying to be dramatic. (Well, today it's one thing).

It's one little BBC Radio sitcom that's been going since 2008 and recently recorded its final episode; to be aired sometime by Christmas. It involves lemons, yellow cars, otters, a piano, an airdot (because you cannot have an airline with only one plane) and the four individuals who make up the charter company known as MJN Air.

Cabin Pressure as a Nikon Ad
(See what I did there? Don't you want to join the family now?)

I stumbled into this obsure gem in 2009 at the recommendation of a friend who was trying to cheer me up and keep my mind off how I couldn't do things I wanted to. (See March post: Classical Recapitulations if you're one of those spot-check or back-to-front readers). It helped. A lot. However it wasn't until this past summer when I introduced it to my little sister, who got so hooked she could recite most of the episodes by memory, that I dived back in and really appreciated it for the imagination and provoking thoughts it has brought.

British radio drama is really an underappreciated area. Especially the comedy. The writer (John Finnemore, who has a blog located here) of Cabin Pressure also does another called "The Souvenir Program" which is equally clever.

I intreat you to be open and try new things, just like I am. (In the confines of Small Hometown). Also, Cabin Pressure is best appreciated by listening to the episodes in order due to a number of recuring characters, jokes and subtle plotlines.

Anyhow, seeing as I am not going to type more than I should today, no matter how much I want to, because there is, as with everything, a lot to say about Cabin Pressure.

Aside from the silly things mentioned above (like otters), Cabin Pressure may be a sitcom but at its core it touches on the importance of always being positive, though few can probably rival Arthur and his innate trust that things will always work out. It also touches on going for your dreams no matter what other people say or how much of a struggle it may be for you. Ultimately, it is about friendship, even if most interactions are based on ritual teasing. When things matter. They matter.

You can find bits of it on iTunes, all of it on Amazon, or, just download free off any torrent site before deciding to fully support it through a purchase. (And so begins my plugging of things I adore and want others to at least become aware of).

One hand typing gets tiresome so I'll leave you with these few tidbits and one thought. Are you being an over-zealous Supreme Commander to yourself? To others? Take some time to laugh and, like Arthur, find fun in the littlest things. Like airport security gates, watching for yellow cars or playing word games with friends no matter how terrible you might be.

Life is Brilliant. So Are You.

Go forth unto the world and be your own airdot!

Experiencing life through brilliant lemon glasses.

PS: The tidbits.

Cabin Pressure Series 2: Helsinki Sample

Cabin Pressure Series 2: Joannesburg Sample

Cabin Pressure Series 2: Limerick Sample

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