Monday, 12 May 2014

What Interesting Things Have You Done?

The Internet is a wonderful tool. Especially for connecting us to like-minded individuals. The problem however is that in addition to all these like-minded individuals we are more easily aware of those who are not like us; often better, much better, and on occasion, worse. Though being human, we focus the most on those who are much better than us, though really, a more accurate phrase would be, those who are at a different place than us. Thus leaving us space, to strive to grow to those places. Sometimes we might reach them, sometimes we might not, but either way, we will grow to be our unique selves.

The challenge through all of that however is remaining authentic and realizing it is better to be authentic than to try and be that "better" person we admire.

That challenge is one which I daily face and recently I stumbled across a lightning-bolt of a blog post which will from here on be as much as working mantra as any I have yet possessed. The mantra, and the blog post, have to do with this phrase: "Do Interesting Things."

That's it. All you have to do in life is strive to "Do Interesting Things."

You don't have to be a celebrity, you don't have to be a billionare, you don't have to gain renown in an obscure corner of the internet. You just have to strive to do interesting things.

That's it. Therefore, so long as the movies you watch, the conversations you have, the walks you go on, the photos you take and the hobbies you pick up are interesting pasttimes to you, then you are living famously. (And I mean that both in the old fashioned definition of "fantastic" and potentially a bad pun).

Ultimately, the point is you are being a better person. Simply by doing things which you find interesting, you will be authentic to your growing skills and knowledge. Who knows, maybe you will end up with more renown than you intended. But at the very least, and by far the most fulfilling and important thing to take from all of this is: You will be living an Interesting Life. Not to someone else's standards. Not to society's general standards. But to your standards. When you are lying on that deathbed and you cast your gaze backwards, you will see a life lived with interest. With a childish curiousity and delight in learning and adventure that will lead you to far more fulfilling opportunities and experiences than conforming to paths that others say lead to success.

After all, isn't the greatest success, the private and personal sort that leave you dancing in the privacy of your bedroom?

Striving to Do Interesting Things,

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