Monday, 26 May 2014

Can We Control Fate?

Sometimes I feel like the world has it in for me. Then again, don't we all at some point?

Bit like how Nature does with abandoned human habitations
That is a perspective however. Same as all the things that happen to you, whether they are said, seen or felt. Those are other people's perspectives clashing with my perspective of their perspective.

Thing is, when you go through daily human interaction, there are numerous levels of intimacy that impact the perspectives being created on all sides in addition to the simple logica that there is honestly no other way to deal with thousands of people a day without herding them around a bit like sheep. No one has the time to actually get to know every single individual they run across, down to their intricate life stories, fears, hopes and dreams.

Even then, it's my belief that you can know a person for decades, and still, they will always surprise you.

So that brings be back around to perception. My perception of myself often reminds me I have no right, rhyme or reason to feel like the world has it in for me. After all I am sure that many of you reading this have dealt with worse things than I am. Like those which have prompted the amazing movement #WeNeedDiverseBooks. But none of who I am, regardless of perceptions, means I am stupid, incompetent, unworthy (insert negative adjective here), in terms of anything I think, do, or say. I'm just human.

We all are. Humans are often uninformed or unable to see over the nose blocking their rear-view windows. It goes for me, and probably you. After all, even if you are the most informed and enlightened individual, there is always something to learn and grow with, otherwise you may as well be dead. It's my belief, if we are not constantly observing ourselves and others, we aren't going to be learning at least one thing every day.

Learning is just another way to spell Life.
Tweet: Learning is just another way to spell Life.


Either way, an individual's perspective of themselves and others all comes down to one thing.

Fate. The Three Sisters with their thread and looms, busily stringing together lives or snipping others apart. Randomly. Stories might give reasons for a grand hero getting blindsided by fate, but to me, that's just us humans trying to comfort ourselves in hours when we are faced with "but why me?!"

Thing is, most of life doesn't make sense and it isn't going to get better any time soon. Science doesn't explain everything, most of it is theory, religion doesn't validate squat if stuck next to science and fiction lets us play around with both to the extreme point of a messy child's sandbox.

Before I get you flaming with hatred, let me say that those three things, do however provide the most important thing we humans need in life:


They give us the powerful belief of hope that enables us to get past the feelings that "the world has it in for us," they help colour our personal perspective on life and of other humans around us.

They also allow us to put things in order. To make sense an endless circle of philosophical chaos. (Though hopefully not just tidy file folders that will get dusty in some closet in your mind. Do take them out and examine them once and a while). 

In short, whether you believe in science, religion, fiction or a combination of those three (or something else entirely), they are the one stop between us and jumping off the cliff of insanity because the sheer incomprehensible Size of the Universe was making our brains overheat.

So that brings me to ask, whatever your perspetive on life, or the perspective of others:

Does anyone deserve what happens to them? Good? Bad? Boring?

I'd say no.

No, because sometimes good things just happen, and bad things generally do too. More often then not, most of life is spent waiting, falling off into a daydream, or avoiding things entirely.

Is that bad? Nope. Sure, plenty of meditation and enlightenment experts will say it's the worst thing possible because the only way to live, is the moment.

So what I say in return is this:

As I said before, we are all human. Mistakes are supposed to happen. That's not learning otherwise. Just, no matter what you let yourself do, think or say, be aware of it. Take the thought, the action or words and hold them in your mind for a moment. Whether you catch it after the fact, or before, does not matter.

Just catch it. Observe it. Recognize whether it for what is was: something said in hate, did someone say something hateful to you and how did you react, was it an assumption and ultimately, who are you at heart, in this moment? Who are you going to be?

Now, let go.

You are controlling your fate.

Always learning something.

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