Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Refurbishing "I'm Not Good Enough"

We could all use a little more love. Prick yourself with it at least once a day.

How many times have you said "I'm not good enough" today?

How many times this week? This month? This year?

Has anyone ever told you "you're not good enough," either directly, through a bed of fluffy flour or through actions?

How many times has that happened?

Stop thinking.

Now. How many times have you believed any of that? Either of your own self-talk or the opinionated talk of others?

I'm going to step up and say I battle with it daily. My mind is a veritable ping-pong table with negative on one side and positive on the other. Bouncing back phrases left, right and center because all I have ever read, all I have ever heard, is, don't believe that "you are not good enough" don't tell yourself "you are not good enough," otherwise you will end up in a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Then there are people like Tony Robbins.

I have nothing against the guy. He's brilliant. Inspiring. A tornado of optimism and extroversion.

Thing is, that is Tony Robbins. Should there be other Tony Robbins in the world? No. (Well, not unless he's somehow cloned an exact copy and even then the personality will differ, because that clone is a unique person with a unique perspective through a different set of eyes, no matter if they genetically match Tony Robbins).

That said, stop trying to be someone who you are not.

Now, that doesn't mean I am just rehashing another overused phrase. Nor am I telling you, if you want to be like Tony Robbins, you never will be. Hey, if he's a mentor, an inspiration, well, use him as one. It's how we grow. I've got plenty. Nor am I also saying, stop being jealous. We're human. It happens. Just, make sure you moniter the green guy before he Hulks out on you and you can't find "you" anymore.

What I do mean is create your Self. Do this by taking who you are and define it. Use labels to empower yourself, rather than the usual segregating and exclusion they cause.

Also, create things that only you can come up with. Sketch. Sing a favourite tune backwards, or off key. Put together a series of dance moves to the song. Organize a race among friends, or a marathon, if you're in that camp. Making a weekly hiking group. Catalogue your book collection and take note of the different themes they explore, or how many of them illustrate diversity. Make muffins and draw mosaic pictures with dried fruit on top.

By creating. Something. You are sharing a piece of yourself with the world. You are showing off the unique perspective you have on the world.

You might not "Be Good Enough" to be a famous singer, a top chef or an Olympian but you are good enough for you. Cover the phrase (or variations of) "I'm Not Good Enough" with your creations, and the pride you feel when you complete whatever you created. Cherish that feeling. Refurbish your phrase with pride. We all could use a little more.

After all, you shouldn't need Tony Robbins to tell you to be extroverted and outgoing in order to succeed because in order to succeed, just create for yourself. (Hint: It's called love).

If someone doesn't like it. There are a billion, trillion other things out there, throughout all of human history for that person to choose from.

Be You. That's Good Enough.

Currently being creative with job searches.

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