Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Point of You

ARTHUR: Yeah! I love going through the X-ray gate! It’s a bit like a game show, isn’t it? There’s always that moment of ‘Will I make the buzzer go? Will I make the buzzer go?! Yes! I didn’t make the buzzer go!’ Or ‘Ohhh, I made the buzzer go!’
GERRY (laughing happily): All right, then! Well, follow me!
DOUGLAS: I think I might leave you to it and ...
ARTHUR: Oh, come on, Douglas! It’ll be fun! We’ll make a game of it! Like, one of us could put something metal in our pocket and see if the machine can tell which one of us it is!
DOUGLAS: I think the machine can tell that. That is the whole point of the machine.
ARTHUR: Yeah, well, let’s see. There’s lots of things that are the whole point of me that I don’t do.
DOUGLAS: Like what?
ARTHUR: Floss. Don’t tell Mum.

Cabin Pressure Series 4.2 - Uskerty 

I would apologise for the excess of Cabin Pressure references on this blog, except that it was the precise thing which sparked the initial inspiration for this particular post.

After all, isn't the point of everything that every existed, to wonder, what is the point? 

What is the point? 

What is the point to living, to thinking, to eating, to laughing, to crying, to working, to breathing? What is the point of you? 

In other words, what will you leave on the world? With your indeleble Sharpie marker, what will be ingrated into human consciousness because of your existence? 

That is the point of living, thinking, eating, laughing, crying, working, breathing and more. That is the point of you. 

But if I was to sit down with you and have tea, coffee, juice, whatever your drink preference might be, would you be able to tell me what the point of your existence is?

A few years ago I figured, the point of my existence was to create something big, something that would be all over the news. After all, isn't that often what society tells us we should do? We need to end world hunger, win the Nobel Prize, discover a new animal species and stop global warming. 

Ha. Ha. Ha. 

Have fun trying to reach those standards. 

(Note: I say that very sarcastically, one, because those are not the singular and sole points to our existences in this world, and two, because there are people who certainly aim for and achieve those particular objectives of existence and we need people like that). 

No one looks the same. So, no one should have the same standards they must reach. 

Thus, no one has the same point of existence. Plus, returning to to the quote, even if someone has a particular "point" or purpose they could achieve, it does not necessarily they will or they will chose to. 

After all, is it really the end of the world if you don't floss? 

No. Contrary to the popular belief of young children terrified into following the rules and regulations of society, failing to floss will not result in the world going up in flames. 

So to, will the world not end if you don't strive to achieve the societal point of existence that are considered "successful" either. 

No, your success. Your life purpose. The point of you. 

That is your very own, very unique, freckle, or sunspot, or fingernail. It's you. Just you. 

That is the point of you. 

Just keep being. Don't obsess over living up to the standard of flossing all the time. Just do what feels right to you. If "right" means flossing every day, flossing four times a day or five times a week. Great. That's your point. No one elses.

(Note: I am very much using "flossing" as a metaphor for goals and dreams and am in no way wishing to condone either bad dental, or neurotic dental, habits).   

After all, if you do ever happen to pick up an episode of Cabin Pressure, you'll note that Arthur is the epitomy of positivity. Everything and everyone is brilliant to him. And yet, he is also horrible at understanding the most basic of tasks, like microwaving dinners, or picking up van keys and addresses. His point is being the one who will always see the best in every situation and always (generally) believe the best of anyone and everything. 

He'll never win a Nobel Prize and it's amazing he managed to even graduate high school and he apparently doesn't floss. Yet he stands by his unique perspective (whether intentional or not is debatable), and he lives up to his point of existence. We are not metal detector machines in airport security, we have choices, we have control, we have the ability to choose what our point of existence will be. It can follow whatever you desire. 

The point though, your point of existence does not have to follow what anyone else thinks or says. It might, yes, but it does not *have* to. It might even, and probably will, change from day to day, year to year and hour to hour.

So, what is the point of you today?

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  1. There are moments that I catch glimpses of the enormity of "it" all. One of those times is when I read your writing. You are limitless and are already contributing great things whether you are aware of it or not. Hey and thanks, I love playing "the Yellow Car" game too.

    Blessings from Hope