Thursday, 23 April 2015

Live Imagination: An Event

Duh, duh, duh, duh duh duh, duh, duh.

Alright, so translating music into onomatopoeic words doesn't work well so here's an idea of what's got me humming today.

If you clicked the link and listened, you'll noticed it's from the 25th Anniversary Symphony from 5 years ago and the event which got me humming this epic theme tune again was the more recent run called the Symphony of the Goddesses which is basically a slightly updated version since the original run was so popular.

A view from in between during some pre-concert videos.

The lights dim, the cacophany of strings, brass and woodwinds tuning fills the air, smelling of anticipation. Murmurs and mutterings grow and then fall, suddenly as cymbals crash and the violins throw us into the world with a series of sixteenth notes.

We gallop through the plains of Hyrule on the back of Epona, we leap over rivers, walls and cliffs, we face down enemies and dark lords, traverse deadly dungeons and face puzzling trials.

A cheer rises around me. Audience appreciation was encouraged, this, may I remind you, is not a regular orchestral concert. This is a celebration.

A celebration of a series of stories in a complex world which we, the audience, have all connected to in some form or fashion.

The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses at SSE Wembley in London, United Kingdom, has begun.

For 2 full hours I sit in rapt attention. Squeaking, cheering, whispering "yes!" or "love this bit!" or "I remember that!" as the music flies and a projector screen plays scenes from the games which match with the music. All in all, I am the epitome of the exciteable and adorable fan (according to my companion who has had the tragic misfortune, in my mind, of never playing a single Zelda game...yet).

Said companion has been used as a experimental subject in regards to why everyone should attend a fan-related concert.

As someone who has played nearly every Zelda game in existence, apart from any spin-offs, anniversary editions or remakes, I am with Link (the main character) for every flute twirl and trumpet salute; for every slash, dodge and dive that brings back the intense memories of the hours it took to conquer a particular dungeon or the frustration at a particular boss or the terror as the scenery turned to a shadowy underworld with an equally disturbing soundtrack (a particular dungeon I was never able complete unless the light was on and I knew someone else was nearby).

This experience is a unique one. Though they are growing in popularity thanks to the ever-closing gap between "mainstream" and "geek" (in terms of overall acceptance of the validity to celebrate, and be passionate about, such things).

So, why should you go to a concert for film, game, or tv music?

1. It's live music.

 No matter whether you know the significance behind the following tune, did you have an emotional reaction? Get goosebumps? Imagine something?

That is the goal and purpose of music. 

2. It'll take you back to childhood.

Okay, so you aren't going to recall the sweat, tears and cheers that go with finally getting through a difficult dungeon or a testy puzzle. Nor will you feel the nostalgia for entering the main town after a long trek, or laugh at the antics and snark of a particular character. No, you'll, at minimum, you might  get caught tapping your feet to a tune or humming along.

You might even experience your own imaginings to match the music and perhaps even start to catch the particular themes which hearld the hero, or gasp when the music creeps toward the moment Princess Zelda is snatched or the big bad appears. You're imagine will fire up and take you back to the days you knew you could be anything and were. You were a dragon one day. A pirate the next. And then pirate-dragon-detective on the third day.

That's the power of music.

That's why you need to check your calendars to the next themed concert you can find. They are everywhere these days and cover most everything, so who knows, maybe you will find one which plays tunes from childhood, favourite films or a top composer like Hans Zimmer.

Either way, go, listen and revel in the magic with fellow fans, friends and lovers of music.

You don't need to dress up in costumes, or have a heated debated about what game is the best, or critique the representation of the game via the music and clips used. No, all you need is to enjoy the feeling of imagination washing over and through you via the medium of music.

Relax. Let the music transport you and leave you with a satisfaction and smile achieved by one thing only. A connection to possibility.

Passion. Imagination.

Let your mind run wild.



  1. So jealous! Legend of Zelda isn't just memorable for it's games, but, it's EPIC, I mean truly EPIC music!!!

    1. I know! That's half the reason why it's my favourite series. The other half is the story, puzzles, and gorgeous design. They are on a tour again so hopefully they'll be out your way soon.