Friday, 11 July 2014

The Art of Relativity

You might imagine life to be like this. But really, that actually gets quite boring.
Life is like a rocket ship. It take time to countdown, but when it does, it shoots off. Usually with a ridiculous amount of fanfare.

Well, at least that is how I see the past few weeks in which I have neglected on writing anything. Mostly as I felt it wasn't particularly significant or didn't make the time for it.

It's certainly been an interesting contrast from a few months ago or even back in January when I was soley focused on two things, my writing and piano. I even had a month where I house-sat out in the snowy countryside.  In short. Life meandered. Mostly I was content. But that was that. Content. Not exactly the most exciting adjective to add to life.

Come just a few weeks back however, life took off. I finally got a part-time job getting me up at 5am every day, being over-run with paperwork, calls at 5-6am coming in from London (interviews too), a trip to Vancouver for the same reason. All of this has been to fund a somewhat spontaneous decision I made a few months earlier that I wanted to move to the UK to teach English Lit, Music and whatever else my skill set would allow me (and the school I end up with). The biggest challenge however has honestly been just that I have little money saved up after five years of university and spent a large portion of this year unemployed or employed by relations as a nanny. Then again, if you want something, why settle?

I have always wanted to to go the UK, (there are endless reasons I won't get into at the moment) and after visiting Greece and Turkey I realised the best way to really get to know a country is to live in it for a while. Back in January I was all for moving to Japan to teach ESL but that's third on my list of places to visit but within that meandering slow life earlier this year I realised as much as I am permanently tired, often stressed and generally wishing for a full day of "nothing," that "nothing" isn't living. At least not in the way I want to, which it to experience and do as much as I possibly can after so many years of just doing as I was told and quietly staying back in fear.

Apologies for the long-winded blab about my life but as we near August and the inevitable end of the slow hot summer time full of holidays or whatever else you might be doing. (Frankly, the heat alone has to be enough to slow people down). The thing is, remembering at this time that when September starts, or if you are currently overwhelmed with far too many things, that keeping yourself busy, being creative, giving yourself challenges, even if it is seeing how fast you can do cashout in the morning, that is worth more than too many lazy days when you have utterly no plans. That way even the most mundane of tasks will never get stagnant. (And believe me, even cashout, which is terrifly full of thousands of dollars of math, a subject that was never my strong suit, is starting to get routine even after three weeks).

Remember though, life is balance. Those rocketships in your life won't take off if the fuel is uneven or the rockets don't match. Whether you are in a slow spot where things seem mundane and you are working the job of "lazy" or you are down to the road, sprinting, juggling flames and meditating at the same time, all those moments are relative.

Don't beat yourself up for being lazy for a few months. Don't let other people's opinions do so either. That is what summer is for. Or winter. Or whatever time you need. Just don't let things get boring. Don't let your creativity and challenges die. In busy or lazy.

Remember the art of relativity means you are allowed to snack on laziness as much as you are encouraged to sponantenously dive for great challenges.

Balancing on little things.

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  1. Dearest Moony, I just wanted you to know that you are powerful beyond words. Even on your laziest days...come to think of it....that is when you are the MOST powerful. So enjoy the last weeks of summer, working, getting ready for your big U.K. adventure of experiences. Before you know it your rocket ship will be taking off on the ride of your life....but sometimes the ride is happening right now. Keep writing about THAT!