Monday, 9 June 2014

Using Creativity to Live

Carousel's aren't stereotypically magical places for nothing. Especially old ones like this in San Franscisco.

You've all probably heard about the power of art to help people work through problems (of all levels and kinds). I've got a slight twist on it however as I see art (creativity in general) as a way to view the world around you. Creativity is a way of life, not just a method of healing.

In other words, if you strive to be creative with at least one thing per day, you will find yourself thinking "I'm living" rather than "I'm just existing." Rather than going through the motions, day after day, with creativity, just a bit, will allow you to slowly start taking control over your life.

Use creativity to live.

But wait! I'm not creative! You might say.

Sorry, but actually, you are utterly wrong. I believe everyone is creative. After all, creativity is not a personality, nor is it a genetic trait. It is a skill.

The definition of a skill is something which can be learned, and eventually mastered (though frankly I also believe, like life, you will never be a master of creativity, after all, what is living and learning, if you reach an end point? Death? Probably).

Think of it this way also: creativity is about reconnecting the dots

Either way, you are creative. It just takes the determination to practice and an inordinate amount of belief in yourself. Especially as it is easier than ever to compare yourself to even that indy author who just published an ebook, let alone anyone who lands on a bestseller list and is a household name like John Green's "The Fault in Our Stars."

The thing people often forget (and I'm just as much a culprit) is no one got anywhere by doing a lot of comparing. People create things because they love to. Because it is a way to express their innermost thoughts, turmoiled or peaceful. It is a way to reflect on the reality of this Earth and the reality of their lives and perspectives or try out the perspective of someone else.

It's life. You do thing because you love to, not because it will get you fame.

If your creativity extends to lyrical facebook statuses, great. You might have made someone's day. I did. Numerous acquaintances expressed their love of the statement and one even wrote it down to share with others and I'd love to share it with you all too.
"People are moons. Don't look at them as new or full, light or dark, they are who they are, which means a lot of deep asteroid scars that no one can ever fully see, all at once. Not even them. They are a deep, moonlit wormhole. That makes them real. Not their reflection on society's waters." ARR
 It's not going to be a perfect path. Your idea of perfection will likely never exist on this reality, but what can exist is a good life lived. One where you create something. Daily.

Start with making someone smile.


P.S. If you want further words about the values of creating things, check out this brilliant address by Neil Gaiman, a trule admirable storyteller, to American grad class a couple years ago.

Make good art.

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